Thursday, October 23, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Day 99 – Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald

Today Beer Heads we are in Cleveland, Ohio drinking a beer that has a legend that lives on, from the Chippewa on down, from that big lake they call Gitche-gumme. I’m not quite sure if this beer is the pride of the American side, but I do know that it didn’t come from some mill in Wisconsin. It’s a rather heavy beer, in much the same way that a freighter would be when leaving fully loaded for Cleveland. This beer is smoke-y and musty like an old hall in Detroit they call the maritime sailors cathedral. Unfortunately, the beer starts out as shipwreck by having a smell similar to burnt coffee. Then it splits up and capsizes with a heavy texture and a flavor that is overly smoke-y.
With all that said, I have to admit that it’s really not too bad of a beer. Even though it wasn't as smoke-y as that German stuff that I said was as drinkable as ketchup, this beer is still a bit too smoke-y for me. I will rate it a 5 on the beer scale.

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