Thursday, October 16, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Getting Back To My Hillbilly Roots

Day 92 - Mississippi Mud

Well Beer Heads, we are officially in "the deep south". That means we gotta kick off our shoes, and pick up the obligatory banjo before crossing over the Mississippi state line. Yee-haw! Today we are drinking some Mississippi Mud beer out of a cool little Snuffy Smith moonshine jug looking bottle. I gotta say, I thought this would be much thicker for something referred to as "mud". It's thin and watery. The taste is not too bad, but unfortunately not very good either. It's got that metallic flavor thing going on that seems to ruin perfectly good beer. I wouldn't have trouble with 12 ounces of this stuff, but since there is a whole quart of this stuff, I will probably be flushing some of it. So I guess it isn't really a 1, but maybe a 2 on the beer scale.

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