Monday, October 20, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - The Greatest Beer in the Whole World

Day 96 – Sam Adams Oktoberfest

Hey Beer Heads, let me tell you the story of how Sam Adams Oktoberfest Beer came to be brewed in America. Some years ago my grandfather, Johann von Arpeggiohausen, asked me to take his cremated ashes to Munich where the original Oktoberfest is held every year. Since it was his last request, I couldn’t refuse, so I packed up and took a trip to Munich Germany. After arriving in Munich and meeting up with the man who would tell me where to place the urn, he takes me to this secret underground bunker where the ashes of many generations of Arpeggiohausens are kept. When we get to the bunker, I discover that; at this time every year there is a beer drinking contest held between representatives of different countries, but as it turns out, none of those countries is the United States. So, I decided to come back the following year with my own team to compete at this competition. And that’s just what I did. At this Beerfest, we met up with a rival team that wagered what turned out be my families yet undistributed secret beer recipe. After a grueling contest of drinking games, team USA came back from behind to win the competition, and my families long lost secret beer recipe, which I brought back with me to have brewed up by the best brewery I knew of. And that, Beer Heads is the beer we are drinking today: “The Greatest Beer In All The World” Sam Adams Oktoberfest.
This beer is so good that Sam Adams Brewery is physically incapable of keeping up with the demand, that they have to work 9 months out of the year to satisfy the demands of it’s drinkers for only 3 months. This Beer is everything a beer should be, and nothing that it shouldn’t be. I will rate it a 10 on the beer scale.

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