Sunday, October 5, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Tribute to the Great Gary Burbank

Day 82 - Shock Top

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Howlin' Blind Muddy Slim, your 60 minute, Jelly Belly, Toe Jam Man. I gotta tell you I'm a little out of sorts today. Last night after the bar closed, I went around to all the tables and collected the spiders from all the glasses. You know, the little left over drink found in the bottom of the glass, that's a spider. Well, anyways I made up this one drink that was quite the doozy. Do you know what you get if you mix Safari Liqueur, Razzmatazz, Pale Ale, and some Inverleven Whiskey. That's right! You get a Sa-Ra-Pale-In. Let me tell you this drink will make you drunk enough to vote in a soccer mom as governor. He, he,he. Yeah, that's pretty good isn't it. You know, I've been playin' in the St. Louis area here on what's called the "Chitlin Circuit", and I tried a new beer called Shock Top. Well anyways, I wrote a review about it. Like to here it? Here it goes.
Shock Top is a really good white beer. It's got just the right amount of flavoring to cover up the distinctive clove after taste found in most white beers. The Professor said it wasn't horrible which is good because she thought all beer tasted horrible. Grand Tetons said it was her kind of beer, and Iron Chef said she really liked it alot. And despite being made by the same people who make Bud, I think it's an 8 on the beer scale.

1 comment:

Jeffrey Ellis said...

I didn't get the Gary Burbank reference. You referring to the 700 WLW Cincinnati radio guy?

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