Tuesday, October 14, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Day 90

Day 90 – Shiner Bock

Do you know what was wrong with those Branch Davidians from Waco? They were located in the wrong part of Texas. See, if only they had come a few miles south to Shiner, they could have holed up in the local brewery, and then passed off their cult as the worlds longest running private Oktoberfest, and no one would have thought twice about it. Seriously, if you lock yourself in a compound with Bibles and guns, people think you’re insane. But, if you lock yourself inside a compound with beer, then people just think you’re a fraternity. Because quite frankly, the crazy rants, exclusivity, and sexual imprudence could be expected from either group. And beer is one of the key elements that set them apart. So I propose that in 10 days when the beer odyssey is unfortunately over, that all of us Beer Heads relocate to Shiner Texas and start our own cult. We can call ourselves "The Fundamentalist Trappist Church" and focus our beliefs on just the beer making part of the Trappist Monk practices. So, who’s with me!?!
In the mean time let's enjoy this Shiner Bock. It's not much of a beer, but it will do for today. The flavor and smell are odd. I can't figure them out. Iron Chef said the smell was musty, and that it didn't go good with the hot sauce she just ate. I think I will rate this a 4 on the beer scale.

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