Friday, October 31, 2008

The World is full of lights and mysteries; man shuts them out with a small hand.

It was a dark night like this one when the young rebel waited on his motorcycle down the road from the young lady’s home. Because her parents forbid her to see him, she had to sneak downstairs after they went to bed to meet him at her driveway. She signaled for him to come by flashing the porch light three times. As he sped down the old country road, he lost sight of the sharp turn only to run off the road and ultimately became decapitated. Legend has it that you can drive out to a point on old Oxford-Milford Road today, and see a mysterious light come toward you after flashing your headlights three times. Some say it’s just a reflection from car headlights on a newer road, but many believe that it’s the Ghost Rider (The real one, not that flaming movie character) riding down that same path. Well, I better stop this before my thumbs get too sore to hand out Halloween candy.
You sensei has spoken.

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