Tuesday, October 21, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - A Look Back

Day 97 – Weyerbacher’s Merry Monks Tripple Ale

As we see the end of the Beer Odyssey drawing to a close, I decided to get a beer that would reflect the very beginning of my odyssey. Allow me to summarize day one for those of you (all, but 8) that weren’t there. I didn’t know where to start my odyssey due to the fact that the world of beer is so dizzying in size. So, I took a hint from The Stinker, who recommended this stuff I had never heard of called trappist ale. So, I got this beer called Koningshoeven Quadruple Trappist Ale, and I was definitely not disappointed, well at least not after I got past the beer mysteriously fizzing over the mouth of the bottle. I didn’t rate the beers until about day 5 or so, so this one was never rated. If I could do that post over again, I would rate it a 10 on the beer scale.
Anyways, today’s beer isn’t from Trappist Monks in a monastery on some mountain in Belgium, but from brew masters in a relatively new brewery in Easton Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, Merry Monks is by all rights a Trappists Ale. It has the nice rich color, and the fruit-y smells of a Trappist, and it has a tastey sweet flavor while at the same time being dry and not heavy, which makes it very drinkable. Merry Monks is so close to the authentic Belgian made Trappist Ale that it’s better than a 9, but not quite as good as the 10 rate quality of Koningshoeven, so I will rate this a 9.5 on the beer scale.
So now go drink some Merry Monks with all of your Humor Blogging Friends.

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Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

So what's next for you now? Wine? Ice Cream? 100 snacks to go with 100 beers? Do keep us informed.

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