Monday, October 27, 2008


About half way through the beer odyssey "The Man" (company IT department) decided that employees shouldn't have access to blogs. So therefore, I was no longer able to throw quick blogs in my free time at work. As a result, I ended up doing a lot of the posts with my blackberry. So, I've decided to continue doing this blog as a mobile blog.
What does this mean for readers?
It means I'm going to simplify the page layout because it takes way too much time to load in it's current form. Goodbye large banner. Goodbye sidebar. And of course, goodbye unnecessary images.
Since everything else is changing I figure I should also change the name of this blog. I am kicking around some ideas for a name, and I am pretty sure it will reference the sore thumbs I get from all this texting of posts.
So, the next time you hear from me, this will be a new blog.
Weird Warped Andy signing off.

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